Welcome to NukeViet 3.0

NukeViet developed by Vietnamese and for Vietnamese. It's the 1st opensource CMS in Vietnam. Next generation of NukeViet, version 3.0 coding ground up. Support newest web technology, include xHTML, CSS 3, XTemplate, jQuery, AJAX...

NukeViet's has it own core libraries build in. So, it's doesn't depend on other exists frameworks. With basic knowledge of PHP and MySQL, you can easily using NukeViet for your purposes.

NukeViet 3 core is simply but powerful. It support modules can be multiply. We called it abstract modules. It help users automatic crea-te many modules without any line of code from any exists module which support crea-te abstract modules.

NukeViet 3 support automatic setup modules, blocks, themes at Admin Control Panel. It's also allow you to share your modules by packed it into packets.

NukeViet 3 support multi languages in 2 types. Multi interface languages and multi database langguages. Had features support web master to build new languages. Many advance features still developing. Let use it, distribute it and feel about opensource.

At last, NukeViet 3 is a thanksgiving gift from VINADES.,JSC to community for all of your supports. And we hoping we going to be a biggest opensource CMS not only in VietNam, but also in the world. :).

If you had any feedbacks and ideas for NukeViet 3 close beta. Feel free to send email to admin@nukeviet.vn. All are welcome

Best regard.

Station address

  • 1. Trạm nghiên cứu gia cầm Thụy Phương

    Địa chỉ: Thụy Phương, Bắc Từ Liêm, Hà Nội
    Điện thoại: 043.7570814, 043.8389773
    Fax: 043.8385804

    Email: pkhttncgctp@gmail.com
  • 2. Trạm nghiên cứu gia cầm Cẩm Bình

    Địa chỉ: xã Tân Trường, huyện Cẩm Giàng, tỉnh Hải Dương
    Điện thoại: 0320.3786.545; Fax: 0320.3786.475
  • 3. Trạm nghiên cứu chăn nuôi gà Phổ Yên

    Địa chỉ: xã Đắc Sơn, huyện Phổ Yên, Tỉnh Thái Nguyên
    Điện thoại: 0280.3764 086
  • 4. Trạm nghiên cứu chăn nuôi đà điểu

    Địa chỉ: xã Tản Lĩnh, huyện Ba Vì, thành phố Hà Nội
    Điện thoại: 0433969300; 0433881150
  • 5. Trạm nghiên cứu phát triển chăn nuôi Bình Thuận

    Địa chỉ: xã Hàm Thạnh, huyện Hàm Thạnh, tỉnh Bình Thuận


Địa chỉ: P. Thụy Phương- Q. Bắc Từ Liêm- TP. Hà Nội
Điện thoại: 043.7570814, 043.8389773
Fax: 043.8385804
Email: pkhttncgctp@gmail.com.
Website: http://www.giacamthuyphuong.vn
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